The Importance Of Professional Freight Auditing

Proper freight auditing is necessary to receive the refunds you deserve. You can recover as much as 10% of the shipping spends. You have a small 15-day window to file your claim with UPS and FedEx for refunds. This makes it necessary to file your refund claim as quickly as possible. The auditing company uses the best auditing tools to find the errors made by the carriers. Its team of auditors will go through all your invoices to detect the mistakes in charge and penalty assessments.

Always use professional freight invoice auditing service to ensure you receive the maximum refunds. Stop losing the money that should be refunded to you. The auditing and the refund processes will be automated. The auditor will go through each invoice to make sure no refund claim is missed. You are assured of receiving the best customer services. Sign up now. Submit the required information at the auditing company’s website to start receiving professional auditing services.