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The Dangers Of Malware

Malicious software (malware) is a small program that is inserted onto your computer without your knowledge that is designed to harm your device or to steal your data. Examples of malware problems include the display of unwanted ads or websites (adware), theft of your sensitive information (spyware), encryption of data on the computer for which a ransom must be paid (ransomware), programs that steal data (trojanware) and a range of others that can cause damage just for the sake of it.

Once the malware has found its way onto a computer it can cause havoc by stealing passwords, deleting files, slowing the computer to the point that it is inoperable, taking over the computer so that it can be used in other attacks and generally cause havoc not only on the computer where it gained entry but across an entire network. Some of the most insidious forms of this software remain undetected on computer systems for long periods of time during which they gain access to other computers and networks until the entire IT infrastructure is compromised.