The Complete Guide To Wooden Shipping Crates

Wooden shipping crates are wooden boxes used to store and ship goods. They are also sometimes called wooden pallets, but these two terms can be confusing because wooden pallets are the term for the flat pieces of wood on which goods are placed. They come in various sizes (including small, medium, large) and shapes (such as rectangular).

They provide a number of benefits to the user, including:
– They can be used for long periods without degradation
They offer excellent insulation properties and will not sag over time
– They are durable and strong and will not crack like wooden pallets.

Wooden shipping crates were originally designed by T&P Co. in 1887 following an order from Chicago retailer Marshall Field & Company for packaging that could withstand extreme weather conditions without splitting or warping. The prices depend greatly on size – generally speaking, they range from $100-$300/crate.