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The Complete Guide To Dive Mask Strap Cover

Have you ever wondered what the Dive Mask Strap Cover is for? They are a must-have for scuba divers who want to protect their masks from harmful UV rays. This mask strap cover provides protection and increases comfort, and helps avoid any potential eye irritation.

What should I know about it?

Mask strap covers are usually made from neoprene or silicone. This material is very soft and easy to put on your masks as it stretches easily. Dive mask straps come in various colors, so you can choose what color best matches your diving gear.

Most dive stores sell these accessories for about $20-$40, but if you want them custom-made, then you will have to spend more than that amount. Dive store owners advise divers who wear prescription glasses not to use this accessory because the rubber might affect the fit of their eyewear underneath the mask’s skirt.
Even if the lenses are protected against UV radiation, as with plastic lens masks, they may deteriorate over time, especially if scuba divers who are spearing use them.

Visit your local retailer to appreciate the wide variety of this accessory.