The Blue Hole Cenote Belize

Belize has always been a popular tropical travel destination for people seeking sun, sand and heat but lately, it is being sought out more and more as a top destination in the Caribbean region. This Central American country is known for many things besides its beautiful weather and long stretches of sandy beaches. It has an interesting history, a vibrant culture, an abundance of things to see and do and the Blue Hole Cenote Belize.

The Great Blue Hole, as it’s otherwise known as, is a mysterious sinkhole off the coast of the country. The entrance to this sinkhole resembles a perfect circle and what’s inside has only been seen by some of the bravest divers whose curiosity got the better of them.

If you plan to visit Belize, it is possible to scuba dive in this infamous sinkhole but it’s best done with a guide. The waters are clear, the sea-life is abundant and, for the bravest divers, there’s a series of underwater caves.