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The Best Landscape Photography Books

Some of the best landscape photography books are those showing the work of the American photographer Ansel Adams. He’s famous for his black and white photographs of the landscapes of the American west, especially those featuring Yosemite and the Tetons. Adams’ best work was done during the 1930s, although one of his most well known photographs, Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico was taken in 1941. Adams was a member of the Sierra Club and founded the photographic magazine, Aperture. He published several books between 1948 and 1978, mostly concerned with the technical side of photography, although other books have been published since his death in 1982 that show his evocative pictures. One of the books that best captures his work is Ansel Adams: The National Parks Service Photographs, and it contains many of the pictures Adams took in 1941, as a series intended to capture the country’s National Parks.