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The Best Headshot Photography

Headshot photography can be mundane or quite creative. Lighting and a variety of backdrops add to the atmosphere of the shot leading to the development of a wide range of headshot types.

Black and White or Color

Black and white or Monochromatic photography and color photography are used to create headshots. With black and white photos, the photographer may attempt to create a mood that is far less possible in color photography. Drama can more easily be depicted in black and white photography. While color photography’s greatest benefit in headshots is that it can highlight hair color, skin, and eye color.

Types of Headshots
• The Theatrical headshot depicts a unique expression on the subject.
• The Commercial headshot usually shows an image of the person that is relatable.
• The Business headshot should look professional and suggest thoughtfulness.
• The Corporate headshot should always relate to the business product or service sold meaning if the corporation is of a series of comedy shops then the image should depict a fun playful theme.