The Benefits Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone has many uses. The hormone is produced naturally in the human body from puberty. The hormone is responsible for muscle growth, enlargement of male reproductive organ, production of sperms, increase in bone density, hair growth in the underarms, face and groin and many other changes. The hormone also increases sexual stamina and vigor as well as physical endurance and strength. As men approach age 30 years, however, production of the hormone starts to decline.

As a result, men may experience low libido and poor sexual stamina. They may also start experience reduced bone density and muscle mass. On the other hand, body fat may start increasing. Fortunately, testosterone therapy can help reverse these unwanted changes. The therapy can also help treat delayed puberty and hormonal imbalances. Please note that testosterone is only available with a prescription, so be sure to look for a licensed medical practitioner to help you out.