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The Beauty Of Antique Rugs

Antique rugs have been a fixture in the home of every culture since their first arrival in the West. Their versatility as both a decorative feature and a useful product has led to their popularity increasing steadily throughout the past centuries. Old rugs are most often made from different kinds of wool, mostly woolen, although silk is becoming increasingly popular in some areas. Most antique rugs were initially colored in various colors with as many as twenty to thirty different colors on a single carpet and made from the finest wool. Over time the rug will gradually fade in various areas called abrasion coloration, creating the unique visual highs and lows, usually called brushes, that distinguish an antique rug from a contemporary rug.

A few examples of the variations in antiques are – the intricate knot patterns of Middle Eastern rugs and the “wedge-and-stitch” technique of Victorian rugs. The colors of antiques are also subject to variations among different regions and times and can vary based upon the type and quality of the wool, silk, or cotton.