Teaching English As A Second Language Online: Three Proven Strategies

The teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL) has become more prevalent in recent years. Many schools, universities, and even private companies are teaching ESL to their students or employees. There is also the opportunity for teaching English online which provides an alternative option for people who do not have the time, money, or access to traditional classrooms. This article will provide three proven strategies that can be used when teaching ESL online:

Use Visual Aids

Please make sure you use images and videos on your site to know exactly what they are clicking on. These visual aids will help ESL students understand what they are reading. They can also be used to get across the main ideas of your teaching points, and it makes for a more interactive learning experience overall.

Provide Adequate Feedback

Give proper feedback when teaching English online so that students know whether or not they have done something right or wrong. This is a great teaching strategy because it forces students to think about what they are learning and improve based on the feedback you give them. It will also help ESL students see that you value their opinion, which motivates them to learn from you even more.

Implement Interactive Exercises

Teaching interactive exercises is a great teaching strategy to incorporate if teaching English as a second language online. Interactive activities are beneficial because students get the chance to actively participate in learning instead of just sitting back and watching you teach them.

Teaching English as a second language online can be done in many different ways, but teaching interactive exercises is the best strategy because it gives students an active role in their learning.