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Stucco Repair Restores Wall Protection

A lot of houses in Naples have their exterior walls covered with stucco. A properly installed and maintained stucco wall can last for a number of decades, but if neglected will develop cracks and other defects that permit water to get in behind the stucco, and damage it further.

How then do you carry out stucco repair Naples? You start with removing all the stucco that has been cracked and separated from the lath or mesh on which it has been originally installed. Continue until you reach the part of stucco that still remains firmly adhered to the lath. Cut way the metal mesh that has been damaged.

Fit builder’s paper over the exposed portion and fit it tightly along the boundaries. It will help if the exposed portion is made into a regular shape, so that it makes it easier to fit in the new mesh. Add mesh by fixing it to the wooden lath.

Cover this mesh with stucco in two coats and wait for each coat to dry. Paint over to complete the repair job.