Stand Out With Great Customer Service: Tips from U.S. Standard Products

Although the digital revolution has certainly benefited businesses in a wide variety of ways, it’s also presented certain challenges. Now your customers have easier access to the competition than ever before. Thus, you need to do whatever you can to stand out. That means what may initially seem to be a challenge can actually be an opportunity to get a competitive edge. For US Standard Products, safety is the priority but quality customer service is also key.

One way to continue making the right impression is to prioritize customer service. The experts at US Standard Products know this is key to attracting and maintaining a loyal base. That’s why they’re offering the following quality customer service tips, helping you better understand what you can do to continue thriving:

Pay Attention

The best customer service experience is one designed based on the genuine preferences of, well, the customers. You need to pay attention to their feedback, and you need to make changes to the way you do business accordingly. Of course, that means you also need to give your customers frequent opportunities to share what they have to say. This can take the form of surveys, social media platforms, and various other feedback tools. These are all great ways to get feedback on your quality of customer service.

Look the Part

Don’t underestimate the value of a simple smile and direct eye contact when meeting with customers and clients! Research consistently shows that the average person is more inclined to like someone when they first meet if that person is smiling. A smile projects the warmth we want to associate with high quality customer service. It’s a very basic ice-breaker, but one the pros at US Standard Products and USSP Shipping highly recommend. It’s one of the basic tenets of high quality customer service.

Focus on Human Interaction

This ties in with the point above. Many companies are removing the human touch from the customer service experience by leveraging technologies that don’t allow for direct interaction, such as chatbots.

There are certainly some benefits to streamlining your processes. You shouldn’t dismiss this approach altogether. However, you also shouldn’t completely remove human interaction from your approach to customer service. Consistently look for ways you can provide more of a human touch when customers engage with your brand.

For instance, perhaps you do choose to use chatbots to handle basic customer service requests. In some instances, they’ll be able to address customer needs. However,  there will be times when they may need to direct a customer to a human representative if they’re not equipped to answer a certain question. When this happens, the customer can have the option of a video call with the representative. This adds just a little more humanity to the experience. Just remember, you need to train any customer-facing employees to smile and be courteous during these interactions! This is the hallmark of the best customer service.

That’s just one example. The US Standard Products safety and customer service experts also recommend, for instance, taking clients out to lunch and tea more often.  This is a great customer service experience! By following tips like these, you’ll ensure your company rises to the top in an increasingly competitive world. For more content like this, follow US Standard Products on Facebook.