Some Recent Artificial Intelligence News

Here are some recent topics in artificial intelligence news:

Autonomous Systems for Urban Nature – international research has identified uses for AI in improving urban nature and green spaces. Devices based on robotics, autonomous devices and drones could help improve urban spaces as they become more widely used for gardening and rubbish cleanup though there is also the danger that they could be the cause of some added pollution.

Soft Robotic Gripper – a robotic gripper has been developed that can firmly, but gently, hold objects as small as one millimeter in diameter without damaging them. The developers drew inspiration from plants that use touch-sensitive shoots to wrap themselves around objects in their environment.

Robots as Therapy Animals – robotic animals that mimic their real counterparts’ behavior could be a suitable replacement for therapy animals in situations where real animals are not practical such as using them in situations with children (because of the risk of their spreading disease).