Some Potential Future Transport Projects

Technology is making rapid advances and is changing our world – including in the field of transport. Examples of a future transport project are listed below.

• Supersonic Trains – Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project promises trains that can travel at over 1,200 miles an hour; key technologies are a shape that minimizes aerodynamic resistance and a powerful electric engine.

• Cities Designed for Bicycles – Velo-City is a project that aims to establish the structure for a transport system based on the use of bicycles in Toronto, Canada, which would reduce pollution in the central city significantly.

• Ultra Fast Planes – a plane called the Skylon, regarded as the technological successor of the Concorde, aims to fly more than five times faster than the speed of sound and have the ability to leave the earth’s atmosphere. It will be able to travel from Sydney to London in five hours.