Child Care

Some Of The Reasons Why A Two Year Old Start Fighting Sleep.

2 year old sleep regression happens when a baby who has been sleeping well starts waking too early or having night walks. Some of the things that may lead to babies fighting sleep include;

Separation anxiety

This happens because they don’t want to be left alone in the room or with people they don’t know, thus leading to disruption in their sleep pattern.


The two years old may be going through transition that may affect their sleep. Some of these transition include; potty training or moving them to a bigger bed or there is a new sibling.

Night fears

Most two years old experience night fears that is mainly caused by dark, these fears may lead to nightmares thus affecting their sleep.

Since lack of sleep for a two year old does not last for a long time, parents or guardians can solve this issue by sleep training the baby and also making sure that they naps less during the day.