Natural Products

Some Of The Items To Buy While In Panama.

Many things are made in Panama and some of them include agricultural products like coffee, coconuts, timber, beef, cocoa beans, bananas, corn, potatoes, rice, soybeans, sugar, chicken, and also shrimp.
Other items include bags, belt sandshoes that are made from leather and are also perfect gifts one can buy while in Panama. The leather is mainly from cowhide and snake or lizard skin.
There are also handicrafts that are made from seeds and fruits of palm and pumpkin. They are mainly found in jewelry shops and are decorated with beautiful stones. Molas are also other items fund in Panama.
A mola is a piece of fabric that has been hand embroidered and has prints of animal or other local symbols and can be used as a table cloth, rugs, or cushion cover. Everything one can buy in Panama is usually directly related to its rich and deep culture.