Some Of The Exercises That Help Strengthen Pelvic Muscles.

Pelvic therapy exercises are exercises that help stretch the legs, trunk, or pelvic muscles. In women, pelvic exercise helps in lowering the risk of vaginal prolapse, aids in smooth bowel movement, and helps one control bladder and better recovery after child delivery.
In men, pelvic exercise helps in quick recovery after prostate surgery, improves bowel, and helps one to be able to control the bladder. It also reduces the risk of rectal prolapse.

Some of the pelvic exercises are;


This exercise is fit for both men and women because it helps strengthen muscles that control urine flow.

Squeeze and release

This is a pelvic exercise that helps the pelvic muscle to quickly respond.


This kind of exercise helps to strengthen the buttocks and work the pelvic floor.


They help one have a strong pelvic floor and buttocks.

Doing these pelvic exercise daily help strengthen the pelvic muscles. Other exercises include walking, standing straight, and sitting properly.