Some Golf Chipping Tips

The short game is one of the most important parts of golf any player needs to master and chipping is central to getting your ball on the green. Here are some golf chipping tips:

• Make sure that your hands, feet and weight distribution are correct before chipping. Your hands should be slightly lower on the club, your stance should be closer to the ball and also place your feet closer together.

• Take a practice swing before taking your shot so that you can check the mechanics of your swing.

• A chip shot is not performed with the arms but with your body – swing by turning your whole body to move the club and make sure that your wrists stay fixed in place.

• You should brush the grass beneath the ball when taking your shot. The ideal is to have your club face brush the grass so that you are getting underneath the ball just right which means the shot will have the requisite lift and achieve the distance you want.