Skincare Essentials For Summer

Now that winter is gone and the summer season is finally here, we’re all ready to head out into the sun. Before we can do that, it’s important that we make sure our skin is glowing and protected. Throughout the winter, most people obsess over skincare because of the cold, dry air, but many of these people tend to forget that your skin also needs to be protected during the summertime.

We’re sure you Fashionistas want to show off beautiful, healthy skin as you show off your toned legs or head to the beach in a bikini, and here are the 5 skincare essentials you’ll need for beautifully glowing skin this summer.


Sunscreen might be the most important skincare essential all year round, but especially in the summer. Although we love to feel the warm sun beat down on our skin, the rays are potentially damaging, so it’s important to keep the skin protected at all times. Coola Sport Continuous Spray is just what you’ll need to make it through the hot summer. If you’re a beach babe who spends most of your time on the sand, the SPF 30 will keep your skin protected while keeping it young with its antiaging ingredients. This spray comes unscented so you don’t have to worry about the scent mixing in with your perfume. So ladies, don’t hide your beautiful faces behind your RayBan glasses, get them out, protected and in the sun!


Whether you’re a makeup wearer or not, face primer is always a good thing to have in your skincare arsenal. Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer can be worn with or without makeup, and it will have your skin looking absolutely beautiful in the warm weather. In the summer, our skin has the tendency to become oilier, and this mattifying primer will reduce the shine to your skin while also smoothing out the texture. Sometimes wearing make up in the heat is trap for acne prone skin, so if you’re hoping to give your skin a break while giving it a small boost, facial primers are a quick and easy fix.