Simple ADHD Test For Kids

If your child’s behaviour leads you to think they might have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) you should consult a licensed clinician to get a definite diagnosis. There are however some steps you can take yourself to see if your child is displaying any signs. Answering the following ADHD test for kids questions affirmatively might suggest they have a problem:

• Does your child fail to complete one activity before moving to another?

• Is it difficult for your child to stay focused on homework or other tasks before becoming distracted?

• Does the smallest of distractions break your child’s focus?

• Does your child answer questions before they are asked fully?

• Do they constantly lose schoolbooks and personal belongings?

• Do they avoid activities that require sustained concentration or mental effort?

• Is your child constantly fidgeting?

• Does your child interrupt other people’s conversation or speak even when they don’t have anything particular to say?

• Do they make careless mistakes regularly?