Similarities Between Aspergers And ADHD

Aspergers syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) both occur early in a child’s life and have some similar symptoms, such as difficulties with socializing, communicating, learning and development. Children suffering from these conditions may evince the following behaviours:

• Have trouble sitting still
• Are socially awkward and have difficulty interacting with others
• Frequently have episodes where they cannot stop talking
• Inability to focus on subjects in which they are disinterested
• Poor impulse control

Physicians believe, however, that symptoms for Aspergers and ADHD develop for different reasons and increased understanding of the conditions has resulted in better and earlier diagnoses for children which means that appropriate treatment can also begin at an earlier age. Both conditions belong to the category of neurodevelopmental disorders and cannot be cured. Instead treatment is focused on reducing symptoms and helping them to live normal lives.