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Sexting in the Pandemic

What better moment to talk about sexting than now when face-to-face communication is so frowned upon? The internet and technology have become an essential component of daily living during this current pandemic. The need to connect through other ways arises from social isolation, and even schooling has attempted to continue through online tools.

Platforms like WhatsApp are increasingly being used for sexting activities—all thanks to the pandemic. Trying out WhatsApp sexting is now more fun than ever, and with the right sexting partner, you have so much to enjoy.

By sticking to Whatsapp sexting, you’re playing your part to social distancing and stopping the spread of COVID-19. Even during the pre-pandemic times, sexting didn’t stop—people were testing the intimate waters and what they have to offer with someone new.

You don’t have to let the pandemic stop you in your tracks…fight back with Whatsapp sexting.