Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Malaysia For Scuba Diving Enthusiasts

When it comes to scuba diving, Scuba diving Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for this part of Asia. The country is also a top-rated destination with divers due to the fantastic underwater sights and experiences that the region provides. Many sites around Malaysia offer excellent diving opportunities for divers from beginners to professionals. The country offers excellent diving opportunities to both local and international divers in Malaysia.

Scuba diving sites in Malaysia are divided into many different locations. One of the areas where there are many diving opportunities in Malaysia is the East Coast of Malaysia. This region features many places that offer scuba diving opportunities. Some of the most popular diving spots in this area include Langkawi, Canggu, Bismarck. Even some sites in the area are off-limits to divers due to being too deep or dangerous to access.

Another popular site for scuba diving in Malaysia is the Koh Samui area. The area is made up of many coral formations that make it a popular spot for diving. The best time to dive in this area is during the warmer months, July to October.