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Rules and the Strip clubs

When you get to the strip club, obey the rules. The reasons why you can’t touch a stripper are not far-fetched; don’t forget them.

Many clubs have a no-touch or minimal-touch policy. On the other hand, I’ve been to clubs in other states where a certain amount of contact is permitted. But, of course, the girls will always have the final say regarding contact.

Remember, they are people, not machines. Strippers are entitled to the same rights as you. They choose to dance or strip because they need money or enjoy it, but they have fundamental human rights in either case. The opportunity to say no is the first right.

The truth is only a handful will allow you to touch their strippers with reckless abandon. However, most of these clubs do all they can to protect their strippers. That way, you can respect them and treat them right. Know more about strippers here.