Requirements For Company Formation In UAE

An important step in company formation is the assignment of a registered office, and the registered office must be established within the legal boundaries of Dubai. The registered office is one of the most critical requirements of the Dubai Companies Law. The registered office is also known as the Business Registration Office. This office has the responsibility of maintaining the register of all companies and the register of commercial entities.

The company secretaries who are appointed are called the business secretaries. The business secretary must be a resident of the UAE and possess a valid work visa. The business secretary’s primary duty is to monitor business affairs, such as annual financial reports, document filings, shareholder meetings, resolutions, board meetings, and shareholder communications.

The last document required for company formation in UAE is the Memorandum of Association (MOA). The MOA forms the basis of all commercial agreements. These agreements are between a company and another company, or between two or more companies.