Parking System

Remote Parking Lock: The Invisible Sensor You May Not Know About

We are all familiar with remote car starters. The remote parking lock is the next-generation remote control for your vehicle. If you have ever been frustrated by locking yourself out of your car, this may be a product for you!

1) What is a remote parking lock?

A remote parking lock is a system that enables you to unlock your vehicle without inserting the key and turning the ignition on. It could be installed by an automotive locksmith or purchased as an aftermarket accessory for those looking for more security in their car.

2) What is the main benefit of a remote parking lock?

Remote car locks provide the ultimate security option because only one device can be programmed per vehicle. This fact means that if a remote lock is stolen or found, the person inside cannot reprogram it to start the vehicle.

3) What is the cost of a remote parking lock?

Remote parking locks range from $150 to $400, based on the remote system you purchase.
We invite you to consult your trusted supplier to learn more about this innovative product.