Promotional Lanyards: A Complete Guide

Promotional lanyards are promotional items that promote your brand. Companies often use them to give out at conferences and trade shows, as well as promotional events. Lanyards have a long history of use in the military, but they found their way into promotions through clever entrepreneurs who saw a marketing opportunity. Companies like to purchase these items because they’re inexpensive and effective promotional tools that can be customized for any event or occasion.

1) They are relatively inexpensive promotional items

2) They can be customized with logos or other graphics

3) They make it easy to carry things around hands-free

Promotional lanyards are promotional items that can be used for a variety of events and purposes. These include conferences, trade shows, promotional events, or any other place where you want your brand to have a presence. Lanyards were first made famous by the military for ID badges; however, they’ve since been repurposed into promotional products.