Electric Vehicle

Private And Public EV Car Charging Stations

More and more companies are now installing EV car charging stations to take advantage of the increasing number of electric cars. People have started buying both pure electric and dual power system cars. The latter types of vehicles have both electric and fuel power systems. The electric cars have improved in performance and features over the years. Now they offer very long range of driving on a single charge. This has eliminated the problem of the range anxiety that EV owners faced with the earlier EVs that needed frequent charging.

Now EV owners feel confident driving their vehicle in the city areas. They are sure of getting back to their home or workplace where they have the charging point to recharge their car. At the same time, sometimes they move to areas far away from their home. To avoid such vehicle owners facing any issue of charging, both private and public EV charging points are being installed in the key areas. It is expected to give a boost to the sales of electric vehicles.