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Policies For Anti Bribery Pakistan

Corruption in Pakistan is one of the significant issues that are hurting its economy. Therefore, plans are outlined to deal with corruption. You need to know about policies that are set to enforce zero corruption tolerance. You can follow this guide and learn more about anti bribery Pakistan.

KPMG Forensic Assistance

People responsible for fighting corruption in Pakistan rely mostly on KPMG forensic providers. They consider their information useful in dealing with corruption cases.

Bribery and Corruption Laws

The lawmakers in this country have created laws that will help in fighting corruption. Therefore, people must abide by the law or risk being penalized.

Policies Governing Procurement Processes

If you want to procure some materials or products, you must follow the right policies. Otherwise, you will be answerable for committing commercial crimes.


Fighting corruption around the globe is not easy. But you can understand some of the measures Pakistan is taking to curb this evil practice.