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Picking Your Best Scotch Glasses

There comes a time in almost every true whisky fan’s life when he picks up his trusty shot glass, puts down the frosted glass, and picks up a brand new, fancy-looking, highly sophisticated tasting Scotch glass. With so many awesome looking, fancy looking, super classy looking glasses on the market, how does someone choose the one that’s right for him? With all the different styles and sizes, what if you could actually take a measurement, see what size you’re drinking from, then choose the perfect glass to go with it?

When it comes to choosing the best scotch glasses, there are many different options. For example, you have the traditional long slim design, the shorter, flatter, more upright design, or even the pros’ two basic styles, tall and short. These three main types have their pros and cons, depending on how they look and what they’re used for.