Scuba Diving

Padi Instructor Training Program For Divers

Padi Instructor Training is the first step towards becoming a certified Padi diver. The Padi Instructor Training Course (PIDS) is the foundation of professional dive training. The Instructor Training Course (IPC) focuses on training you to be a qualified PADI open water diver by teaching you the complete PADI open water instructor training program.

Once you have completed the Padi Instructor Training Course, you can begin to apply your knowledge to real-world situations that will test your skills. The course also gives you hands-on training in various diving techniques and equipment. There are specific requirements for the Padi instructor training course. You must have at least six months of training experience with a minimum of 500 dives under your belt. With an open-water diving license from a recognized diving institution, you can enroll in the Padi IPC as long as you meet the requirements for the certification exam that comes with it.