No Frog Kissing Required For This PRINCE

Some of the world’s most prestigious professions do not require a formal college education. Instead, these jobs are structured around a shorter, certification based instruction method that gets knowledge out in the field faster.

Such is the case with the worldwide PRINCE2 Foundation Certification. PRINCE itself is a set of standardized project management protocols that allow projects being built all around the world to proceed under a common set of assumptions so far as methods, goals, and assessments are concerned.

Obtaining PRINCE2 certificating is a fairly straightforward process which can even be accomplished largely online. There are two groups of instruction, Foundation and Practitioner. Foundation Certification teaches how to manage a project in conformity to PRINCE2 specifications laid down by some higher authority. Once this has been mastered, the student goes on to the Practitioner phase, which shows him how to craft a project from scratch in accordance with those same principles.