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Methods Of Anti Bribery And Corruption

Bribery is an unethical act of offering something of value in exchange for receiving something in return. Over the years, laws have been put up to curb corruption since it is one of the challenges worldwide. Here are some methods used to curb anti bribery and corruption.

Keep the Policies up to Date

Many businesses worldwide have embraced these policies as a means to avoid bribery. What differentiates these businesses is the implementation methods used in each company.

Create a Culture

This entails that the policies are followed from the management down to the members of staff. These create an ethical business environment since everyone understands the procedures.

Embed the Rules in the Business Ethos

It is advisable to create a reference to these principles in the business reports and during training. One should set rules that, if unless followed, there are dire consequences.


These strategies have been adopted worldwide by businesses to facilitate the proper running of the company. And create an ethical business culture