Managed SD WAN Service Providers

Common examples of Managed SD WAN service providers are eConnect, axel networking, Avaya telecom, Clearwire, Fastriders, Cisco, DIGICom, e Vikenti, iSPAR, Kaspersky, Myricks, Netgear, Net IQ, Pinnacle, Qwest, Sharp, Sky fiber, too, and Verizon. Each of these vendors provides various managed services to different types of clients. eConnect, for example, offers services for enterprise customers and standard services to consumer customers. Many of these services also offer SIP trunking services. For the customers, such as those who require additional security features and the management of multiple networks, the services offered by eConnect include an SSL certificate for secure VPN connectivity and Trunking. The term managed means that the traffic that comes into the WAN will be controlled by the service provider, who ensures that it is in compliance with all the necessary parameters set by the client. The providers also perform maintenance on the clients’ sites and assist them as needed.