Scuba Diving

Make Your Dive Easy With A Dive Mask Strap Cover

When shopping for a dive mask strap cover, make sure that it’s designed for the kind of mask you have and fits properly. If you have a mask that’s hard for the strap to work with, the cover won’t be able to completely keep the mask in place. You want your mask to remain secure while in the water, so make sure that the cover doesn’t restrict movement at all. It also helps if it’s a little wider than your mask to give more area for your diver to grip onto.

Some straps also feature an added tension lock to prevent the mask from coming off during your dive. The great thing about all the various accessories available for a mask is that most of them are very affordable and easy to use. Even if you’ve never used one before, the straps usually allow you to adjust how much cover you need, so you can have as much protection as you need.