Luxury Food Items That Cost A Bundle

If you enjoy eating foods from different regions of the world, you probably have an appreciation for luxury food items. Everyone oohs and aahs at the mere mention of Beluga caviar being served at a party. Why? Because it’s the most expensive food in the world.

Caviar from the Beluga Sturgeon

• The cost of Caviar is $2500 for half a pound.
• The Sturgeon yields fish eggs (caviar) and is found primarily in the Caspian Sea.
• When you bite into the large sturgeon’s eggs they pop and yield the salty fishy taste that’s prized by the discerning taste bud.

Luxury Foods
1. Saffron-the most expensive spice in the world at around $2,000 per pound.
2. White Truffles are underground tubers from the Ascomycetes family.
3. Kobe Beef only produced in Japan it is the beef from the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle. Cost $300 per pound.
4. Bird’s Nest are built by cave swifts and served as a delicacy in China
5. Fugu is the deadly Japanese pufferfish prepared so that a tiny amount of the poison remains to deliver a tingle to the eater.
6. Foie Gras is a raw duck liver pate.