Living Well With Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is not an easy thing to digest and living with cancer is a difficult thing to face. Your life will certainly change and you will need to make some lifestyle changes.
Fortunately, there are many resources out there that can help you in your journey of Living Well With Cancer.

Having cancer means not feeling well, mentally and physically. This is normal but there are ways to alleviate your discomfort and feel as good as you can while fighting your battle. Here are some things you can start doing to feel better today.

1. Sleep at least 8 hours a night and try not to oversleep.
2. drink plenty of water and try to avoid caffeine, soda and sugary drinks.
3. Eat a lot of fruits. vegetables and grains.
4. Get some exercise if you are able. Even a short walk around the block can help you to feel energized and clear your head,
5. Try yoga and meditation to calm your mind and feel better mentally and emotionally.

It may not seem possible but you can feel better while fighting cancer and the better you feel, the quicker you’ll be able to get back to the things that really matter in life.