Litecoin Advances On News Of Biden Presidency

Just as there is more than one fiat currency in the world, so too are there multiple offerings in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Among the latter is litecoin, LTC, which has been trending upwards along with all of the other cryptos in recent weeks.

LTC has been ripping higher since early November as a result of political and economic news that herald the onset of a bout of inflation that is likely to be severe. Starting at USD 60, litecoin has rallied all the way up to touch 160 before falling back slightly to the 150 range.

When looking for a specific litecoin cash price, the wild volatility of all cryptocurrencies means that this hour’s price is likely to be obsolete by the time the next hour rolls around. Yet it appears that 150 appears to be somewhat of a pullback and thus represents a floor rather than a ceiling or mean price.