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Legal Aid In Michigan: What You Need To Know

Legal Aid in Michigan is a government-funded program that provides free or low-cost legal assistance to individuals and families who cannot afford to hire an attorney. The Legal Aid program is administered by the Michigan Legal Services Corporation, which is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to low-income residents across the state.

The eligibility requirements are very simple, and most people will be able to meet them. In order to qualify for Legal Aid, you must have a household income that falls below 125% of the federal poverty level. For example, if your household income is $30,000 per year, you would be eligible for Legal Aid.

Legal Aid can help people in a variety of situations, including family law, immigration law, and consumer law.

Legal Aid in Michigan is a critical resource for low-income residents who need legal assistance but cannot afford to hire an attorney. The Legal Services Corporation of Michigan (LSCM) is the largest provider of civil legal aid in the state, and offers free or reduced-cost legal services to eligible clients.