Skin Care

Laser Hair Removal Can Be Carried Out At Home

There are many ways in which you can remove hair, using shaving, waxing and other methods, but laser hair removal has proved the only one that gives permanent results. While earlier this was only done by dermatologists using professional versions of laser, it is now possible to use home laser devices for at home laser removal.

These lasers come in two categories, the IPL or intense pulsated light device, or the diode laser. Most home devices use IPL, and in this tiny beams of light are used to target each hair follicle, and essentially use heat to destroy them. Diode lasers use a single wavelength of light, and it is believed they minimize damage to surrounding skin and can safely be used for all skin shades and types.

You can use either device for removing hair by laser at home, but it does require consistency and patience to see the desired results.