Lamination Can Change The Shape Of Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow lamination is a technique that gives the eyebrows a set shape for an extended period of time. The technique that gives eyebrows this look is similar to microblading but less invasive and eliminates the need to use eyebrow gels and powders to achieve the same effect. This procedure smooths and straightens the hair and helps redirect their growth into a shape that is more uniform and desirable.

The first step in lamination involves applying a keratin-infused straightening solution to the brows, followed by a setting solution. A tint is then applied to the eyebrows to give them additional definition. Most lamination procedures last from six to eight weeks. Many women choose brow lamination to fill in gaps and make sparse brows look like they have more hair. A hydrating oil treatment is usually placed on the brows so eliminate dryness.