Kodak Scanners: 3 Benefits To Consider

When you are in the market for a scanner, Kodak is an excellent brand to consider. Kodak makes some of the best scanners on the market and offers a variety of options. Kodak offers scanners that can scan both photos and documents, while others can only scan one or the other. Some Kodaks offer wireless connectivity while others do not. Whether you need something simple or more advanced, Kodak has got it.

– Kodak ScanSnap S1500 is great for scanning paper documents like invoices and receipts because they have a powerful document feeder which will automatically load your papers into the scanner with no fussing around required on your end!

– The Kodak ScanMate i1150 is an excellent scanner for scanning photos and film. Kodak ScanMate i1150 scans both sides of your photo or slide at once, making things go super fast.

  • – Kodak has various scanners that offer wireless connectivity, making sharing scanned files easier than ever before. A prime example? The Kodak ScanMate i1170 Wireless allows you to print or transfer images from your Kodak scanner wirelessly.


Kodak scanners are perfect for those who don’t have time to worry about their scanning needs because Kodak has them covered.