Know the Future of Automatic Loading and Unloading With Laser

There is a need to address the processes of management during unassisted operator shifts and also to pay attention to the issues of the physical space in workshops especially with laser cutting systems. Thus the automated unloading and loading systems are now integrated into the laser cutting machine using the fiber technology or co2, installed under construction.

The loading or unloading systems of laser cutting are now available in standard versions and also in customised versions such that it is designed to meet customer specifications.  This helps in meeting the targets of growing production. There are the robots or automated machines working 24/7 and it does not get tired or ill. The operator is free such that he can program setting the lathe and continue to do other jobs.

Benefits of automatic loading and unloading

  • Dedicated cell for machining with robot
  • Shortage of staff making the company hold robots
  • Robots remove blanks from rack in the lathe

Automated machine load/unload systems, benilde sis offers the users with benefits that there is improved flow of the process and the cycle times are equally predictable. There is the benefit of reduced product damage and this is owing to controlled handling and the running speed is consistent featuring no shift changes or breaks.

Apart from this, the machine cells also ensure better flexibility and delivery that it is re-deployable, retrofitable and relocated easily such that the future expansion of the process is possible with ease. The future expansion and flexibility are important and are dedicate to the products with a specific process of the machine such as a lathe that transforms the work with ease, else it would be difficult to accomplish. Future expansion and change-over is now not a matter of concern with lean machine system as it may be picked by a forklift and can be shifted to another location, while it can also be set up to see it is working in a short time.

All the cells may be retrofitted to the equipment existing, but it requires the options of machine tool namely the robotic interface, spindle orientation, auto door and air blow to encourage automation. There is a need to take advantage of the automation system so that the lean machine load or unload cell offers a portability feature, besides flexibility, and also the best lower capital investment and utmost convenience with assured higher ROI.