Healthy Foods

Keto Food Plan For Beginners

One of the best ways to lose belly fat is through ketosis. It is a dietary practice where you eat mostly fat and very few carbohydrates. If you reach ketosis, your body starts losing fat fast.

Carbohydrate Restriction

The way to be successful in a keto diet is to constantly restrict your carb intake to less than 20 grams per day. This guideline is for beginners. As soon as your body adapts to ketosis, you can eat less than 50 grams of carbs per day.

Nutritional Value

You have to eat a variety of foods to ensure proper nutrition. Add some low-carb vegetables into the mix every day to get your dose of fiber and micronutrients.

Follow a Plan

If you are starting your diet, you can easily run out of ideas to eat. Hence, start using a keto food plan to make things easier for you.