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Keeping the Submissive in Chastity

Keeping your submissive in chastity in a BDSM relationship has its perks, but it also comes with many responsibilities.

Being a dominatrix isn’t easy, contrary to popular belief, and when you throw in the difficult chore of maintaining control when your submissive sexually releases, it becomes an even more intimidating task for newcomers.

It is not an easy task for the submissive to lock an organ of his part and pass it over to the dominant.

Chastity is not for those who are only starting with dominant-submissive relationships. It is a high-level action that requires the Dom to gain the submissive’s trust.

Despite its complex nature, chastity is a common fantasy of many kink practitioners. It can be challenging in the early stages, but after a submissive and dominant have passed these hurdles, they can begin to reap the benefits of using a chastity device a submissive partner.