Jet Ski Intake Grate: Everything You Need To Know

Like most jet ski enthusiasts, you know that the intake grate is an important part of your jet ski. It’s responsible for sucking in water and providing power to the jet engine. If yours is damaged or worn out, it can seriously affect the performance of your jet ski.

Jet ski intake grate are designed to protect the jet engine from debris and other objects that could be sucked into the engine. They also help increase the jet ski’s performance by providing a smoother flow of water into the engine.

There are three main intake grates: stock, aftermarket, and custom.

Stock jet ski intake grates are the most basic type. They’re usually made of plastic, and they’re not very durable. Aftermarket intake grates are made of more durable materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel. They’re also often larger and have more fins or blades to help increase the jet ski’s performance.