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Is Pressure Washing Solar Panels Recommended?

You have invested a lot in your solar power setup. Its panels on the roof should be maintained in clean condition so they deliver optimum light to energy conversion efficiency. Generally, these panels do not require much cleaning but it all depends on the levels of dust and other contaminants present in the environment of your area. If the panel surface gets dirty quickly, an occasional cleaning may be necessary. Many homeowners think of pressure washing solar panels. However, most experts advise against it because most PV panels are made with delicate materials that can get damaged by the extreme pressure of water coming out of the pressure washer.

In place of pressure washing, you should use a softer cleaning method. Simple soapy water and a cleaning brush with soft bristles may be sufficient for this purpose. Select this brush carefully. This type of brush is also used to clean window glasses, cars, walls and other large surfaces. It comes with an extension pole to help the user reach higher places. Hire a professional cleaner if you are not confident of cleaning the panels properly and safely yourself. Contact a local company that offers home cleaning services.