Involved in a Car Accident? Know a Car Accident Lawyer in Boca Raton can Help You

An experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorney in Boca Raton, FL can assist you in many ways after a serious car accident that the other driver caused. A lot of accident victims are eligible to get compensation to help cover accident-related expenses such as medical expenses and lost income. By hiring a lawyer, you don’t end up taking a settlement that is far less than your claim’s full value. 

After your attorney reviews your accident’s specifics, they will explain to you your legal options, so you can understand the value of your claim. A skilled attorney can do the following:

Investigate What Contributed to the Accident

An experienced car accident lawyer in Boca Raton will take their time to investigate all the possible contributing factors to a car accident. Although the accident may be due to an obvious cause, it might also be due to some factors like driver distraction, lack of poor signage, poor road construction, and a vehicle malfunction. Your attorney may work with accident reconstruction specialists to understand how the accident happened.

Determine the Liable Parties

By pinpointing the contributing factors, your lawyer can identify all the responsible parties that may be liable for compensation. For instance, if the other driver was operating a company vehicle, their employer may bear some responsibility for your injuries. If your car accident is found to be caused by a vehicle malfunction, your attorney can identify the vehicle’s manufacturer as a party who is partially at fault. 

Deal with Insurance Adjusters and Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Your attorney will let you concentrate on your recovery by dealing with the insurance adjusters for you. If you do this yourself, you could end up giving information to the insurance adjuster of the other party that can be used against you to reduce or invalidate your claim. 

Moreover, your lawyer understands the laws regarding car accident claims and how to negotiate with the insurance company so you can get a fair settlement amount. They will help you recover wages from work lost because of your injuries. 

Evaluate Accident-Related Expenses

A great car accident lawyer can help you evaluate all accident-related expenses, including estimated future medical costs. They will consult with your doctors and other medical professionals to establish an estimate of your future expenses according to the injuries you sustained. Projecting future costs ensures you don’t miss out on the compensation you may need to complete your rehabilitation and full recovery.