Introduction To Shopfitter Sydney

Shopfitter Sydney is a company that provides expert fitting services for retail stores. Shopfitters are experts in-store layout, visual merchandising, and customer experience design. Shopfitters work with customers to develop a vision of how the store will look, what merchandise will be on display, where it should go, and an idea of the customer’s target market. Shopfitter Sydney has been providing these services since 2002 and offers services such as:

– Layout Planning

– Visual Merchandising

– Customer Experience Design

– Space Planning

In Shopfitter Sydney’s experience, customer engagement is key in the retail industry. An engaged consumer will be more likely to purchase and return to the store for future purchases. Shopfitters have worked with major brands such as Nike, David Jones, and Woolworths on projects that range from entire store revamps to individual fixture installation.


Shopfitter Sydney has helped major brands such as Nike, David Jones, and Woolworths revamp their stores to create a more engaging customer experience.