Introduction To PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

What is PRINCE2? PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that helps organizations plan, manage, and control projects. PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is an introductory level course for anyone who wants to work in project management.

It provides participants with the basic understanding of PRINCE2 to get more advanced certifications like PRINCE2 Practitioner or PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner. The course will teach you concepts such as the seven PRINCIPLES OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT (PMBOK)®, 3-PACE® framework, 5-stage Project Management Processes (PMP), etc.

The Introduction to Prince 2 Foundation

What do I learn at a PRINCE2 course?

It teaches potential project managers about concepts like PMBOK®, PACE framework, and five stages of Project Management Processes. These include obtaining authorization from stakeholders during the Initiation stage and ending with closure at the PRINCE-C® stage.

What are the benefits of PRINCE?

It is a framework that has been proven to help save time and money, support communication between stakeholders, provide effective leadership from the Project Manager (PM) role, etc.

The PRINCE methodology can be applied in various healthcare, construction, or engineering projects with minimal modifications. It also applies globally across different cultures and languages with ease due to its structure being based on universal principles/concepts like quality, responsibility for delivery, focusing attention on customer value, and so forth.

PRINCE is ideal for all types of organizations: private companies who want to reduce project duration by up to 30%, government agencies that need more efficiency when delivering projects on time and within budget, military organizations that need to improve defense installations, etc. PRINCE is a best-fit for any organization or project of any size (from £500K up).

A PRINCE Foundation Course will provide you with the principles/concepts of PRINCE in an interactive way. The course can be taken online as a self-study program or offline via classroom training.